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Are You a Conscious Entrepreneur?

The Shift/Co™ team is frequently asked – “What is a conscious entrepreneur?

Most people associate this altruistic type of entrepreneurship with brands like TOMS shoesPatagonia, and Whole Foods. We assume that in order for a business to be considered conscious it would be obvious, like a non-profit, or be outwardly mission driven.

That’s not accurate and is precisely why Shift/Co™ exists. 

Conscious Entrepreneurs are everywhere, and the vast majority do not realize the unique opportunity available to them. We are in the midst of a watershed moment.

If fact, new research from Morningstar found that 72 percent of all investors are at least moderately interested in sustainable investments. 

Consumers are also following suit with 83% saying that they feel it is important or extremely important for companies to design products that are meant to be reused or recycled.

Conscious entrepreneurship, at its core, is about the simple desire to both make money AND make a difference. 

Conscious Entrepreneurs Make Business Decisions in Very Different Ways.

From their views on product value, pricing, to their views on success in general, conscious entrepreneurs view the world from a different lens. Here are a few examples: 

how to know if you are a conscious entrepreneur

Consciousness is an inner game. It’s the soul of the entrepreneur and the values with which they lead their business. It’s the original genesis of their business pursuits. 

Although there is nothing inherently wrong with starting a business just to make money, it rarely provides meaning and is frequently unfulfilling. Conscious entrepreneurs simply want both. Meaning and money. Purpose and profits. To serve as much as to sell.

Conscious Brands Start Differently

The genesis of a conscious business is usually based on the founder’s passion (I love doing this) or sometimes based on a market they want to serve. 

They simply want to make money doing what they love and leverage their gifts along the way.Because they love what they do, they are willing to accept the risk that entrepreneurship brings.

When we are both passionate about and good at something, it feels purposeful-almost. As if we were born to do it. The connection to this deeper part of ourselves awakens our soul and the business starts to take on a purposeful, or conscious feel.

During the process of building this type of business, the entrepreneur feels a connection to a deeper part of themselves. Their decisions and choices become more mindful – more conscious. They care deeply about their employees and customers. As they make money, they want to give back to their community in meaningful ways.

It’s an amazing feeling…there is nothing quite like it. Although this type of entrepreneurial path isn’t easier, it is a million times more meaningful.

Conscious entrepreneurs are everywhere, and most don’t even realize they are a conscious venture. Most of their companies don’t look outwardly “conscious.”

Truly conscious entrepreneurs don’t need to wave their values in your face. They live those values day in and day out. And the values originated not from some corporate planning retreat but were born at the moment they came up with the idea for the business. The values originated on the first day; they originated from who they are at their core.

So, Are You a Conscious Entrepreneur? 

It’s not about the name of your company, what products or services you offer, or words you use on your website. 

Conscious entrepreneurs simply start their business with a passion for making the world better and want to become financially free through service to others.  

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