Here’s how Shift/Co helps you grow your business AND increase your impact

Shift/Co® wants to show you how to become a successful conscious entrepreneur, and each aspect of our membership is designed to help you achieve that goal.

We provide customized business growth tools, expert coaching, and mentoring to support you in building a thriving, purposeful business.

Plus…community and connection! Are you ready to increase your impact?

Your business and revenue will grow so you can make a more significant impact in your community.

Grow Your Business

  • No business is alike, which is why Shift/Co’s Platform diagnoseas exactly what you need for each step.
  • We believe it takes a village to grow a business. Your Membership includes a WHOLE TEAM dedicated to your success.
  • You’ll work with a personalized Mentor who will stay with you for your journey.
  • You’ll have a Master Phase Coach who will coach you on specific techniques to go from where you are, to where you want to be.
  • You’ll also work with Pathway Coaches who are subject matter experts in key disciplines (Marketing, Operations, Branding, etc.)

Evolve as a Leader

  • Our business and our lives are not separate. They are all part of who we are.
  • In addition to working on hard skills (marketing, operations, etc.), we also help you improve soft skills like confidence, mindset,  time management, focus, etc.
  • As your business evolves, you’ll shift from working IN the business, to working ON the business. This requires new skills.
  • Learning how to become an authentic leader is part of how you grow a successful business.
  • When you’re ready, you’ll also participate in Collaborative Groups, to learn how to make a bigger impact.

Like-minded Community

  • Become part of a community of conscious entrepreneurs who care about the value they provide, as well as the impact they are making.
  • You don’t have to do this alone. We learn together, grow together and support each other.
  • We focus on the 5 P’s:
    • People
    • Planet
    • Profit
    • Purpose
    • Passion

Shift/Co: Doing GOOD business in BETTER ways.

Conscious business combines your purpose (how you want to impact the world) with your value (why customers need your services) so you consistently make an impact AS you build a thriving business.

Shift/Co helps you accomplish your goals by offering support, collaboration, and guidance.

How do we do that?

Let us tell you the story…


Are You Ready to GROW?

Or See For Yourself…

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