Be a Part of Shift/Co’s Spring 2023 Squad

Join by 5/31/23 to Elevate YOUR Impact

The Spring 2023 Squad will become your Purposeful Posse to help you grow your business so you can make a bigger impact!

79% of our Members double their business revenue within 12 -18  months of joining Shift/Co!

Each Shift/Co Member receives:

  • A bi-weekly session with Shift/Co Founder Terri Maxwell during your first 90 days to jumpstart your business growth goals.
  • A personal mentor to guide you on where to focus to maximize success
  • Customized Learning Pathways specific to your business phase and need
  • Experienced coaches to help you apply skills to your specific business
  • Powerful networking to help you expand connections with other successful entrepreneurs
  • Co-Lab Learning Groups
  • Shift/Co-Ops and Shift/Collectives: Small groups who collaborate to grow

Join now to receive your personalized training pathway, mentor, and phase coach. And begin collaborating with other conscious entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that make the world better.

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