How It Works

Thank you for considering Shift/Co to grow and scale your impactful business. We look forward to meeting you and having you join our community!

Here’s how Shift/Co works:

  1. When you join, you’ll receive an Onboarding Session to welcome you and show you how to get started quickly.
  2. Next, you’ll complete a diagnostic-prescriptive tool (i.e. MAP) and meet with your Mentor to develop a focused plan that will make the biggest impact on your success.
  3. You’ll be introduced to your Squad and your Coaching Team to jumpstart success.
  4. The Member Success Team will monitor your progress and ensure you achieve results.

We’re on a mission to elevate business in order to shift humanity.

As of December 1, 2023, 84.9% of Shift/Co members have more than doubled their income since joining.

Shift/Co helps you accomplish your goals by offering support, collaboration, and guidance.

How do we do that? Let us tell you the story…

Are You Ready to GROW:

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