Shift/Co Leadership

Terri Maxwell

Chief Executive Officer

Bob Prince

Core Development

Elizabeth Eiss

Board Secretary

Melissa Mittelstaedt

Director of Member Success

Lisa Maxwell

Chief Financial Officer

Beverly Isla



Shift/Coaches have their own businesses and have used Shift/Co’s platform to grow to the next level. They are not only experienced entrepreneurs who have mastered Shift/Co’s conscious business techniques but are also passionate about showing you HOW to grow.

Kelly Marshall
Merritt Minnemeyer
Meshell Baker
Terri Maxwell
Tony Carnesi
Marcela Killin
Claire Crum
Dena DeLuco

Shift/Co Mentors

Shift/Co’s Mentors are entrepreneurs, just like you, building their own businesses and using our customized platform while growing to the next level. As a Mentor, they are ready to help guide you in doubling or tripling your income, so you can make a HUGE impact. Your Mentor will help you determine where to start, define what to focus on, and direct you to the best way to get there.

Kim McKernan
Lisa Maxwell
Elizabeth Eiss
Ray Madaghiele
Melissa Rapoport
Ann Ranson

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