Experienced Entrepreneur Training

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Experienced Entrepreneur Training

Shift/Co’s mission is to change the way business is done. We can elevate business and shift humanity by empowering conscious entrepreneurs with tools, connections, and resources.

$10K Challenge

Maybe you’ve heard experts talk about reaching “six-figures” (annually) and the power of scaling your business past $10K per month. Learn what to consistently focus on to break through the $10K per month barrier.

Rocket Fuel

One of the most challenging aspects of starting a business is growing it. The Authentic Demand Generation™ system throws away the uncomfortable, often inauthentic, marketing techniques that rarely work. This methodology ensures growing a business is authentic, genuine, and fun.

5 Ways Conscious Brands Can GROW in the Recession

It’s no secret. We’re in a GLOBAL recession. After a global pandemic. It’s easy to lose hope. Or blame. Or fear…what could come. But, new data says that this will be a transformative recession and could actually be a leapfrog year for conscious brands. Learn how your business can grow.

Ditch the Pitch

Join Shift/Co’s Founder, + 2 Shift/Co Master Coaches, Kevin Dooley and Meshell Baker, to learn an effective way to introduce your business. Learn how to “drop the pitch” and speak powerfully about the value you provide.

Pure Confidence

Building a business can feel like a giant fear-grinder. Sometimes it feels like you’ve got superpowers, and other times you feel like a giant imposter. Learn how to face fear and step into the real you!

New Way Networking

Do you want to learn how to get better results from the networking events you attend? Discover a better way to network. One where being yourself is the catalyst for increased awareness, interest, desire, and actions.

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