Seasoned Entrepreneur Training

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Seasoned Entrepreneur Training

Shift/Co’s mission is to change the way business is done. We can elevate business and shift humanity by empowering conscious entrepreneurs with tools, connections, and resources.

Turning Point

New research is overwhelmingly pointing to the notion that business growth for the sake of growth is not only difficult, but often times lacks meaning and purpose. As conscious entrepreneurs, there is a well-defined path that’s better for us, our customers, and our business in general. Join CEO Terri Maxwell and a panel of entrepreneurs as they share actionable tools on how to scale your business for maximum impact, and JOY.


Differentiation isn’t just “being different.” It’s being different in a way that matters to your buyer. Join CEO, Terri Maxwell, and a panel of entrepreneurs as they share actionable tools on how to differentiation your business for maximum impact.

5 Ways Conscious Brands Can GROW in the Recession

It’s no secret. We’re in a GLOBAL recession. After a global pandemic. It’s easy to lose hope. Or blame. Or fear…what could come. But, new data says that this will be a transformative recession and could actually be a leapfrog year for conscious brands. Learn how your business can grow.

Using Video to Grow

Creating video (& audio) micro-content to increase visibility & awareness about your business is COSTLY and takes a LOT OF TIME, no matter how you do it. What if you redefined the content production & editing process? What if you’re better suited to scale for content success, reducing your time and efforts? Join slice CEO, Dr. Chris Lorenz as he shares actionable tools & tactics on how to leverage micro-content for business growth.

New Way Networking

Do you want to learn how to get better results from the networking events you attend? Discover a better way to network. One where being yourself is the catalyst for increased awareness, interest, desire, and actions.

Scale for Impact

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