Because it works!


Conscious business combines your purpose (why you want to impact the world) with value (why customers need your services), so that you consistently make an impact AS you build a thriving business.

How do we do that? Let us tell you the story…


Our PURPOSE is to ensure members grow thriving brands. We wake up every day looking for ways to help you reach your goals.

Together, we can achieve business success.


Conscious business is different. Conscious business success requires different skills and tools. Your business will grow as YOU evolve. That’s why we’ve brought together dozens of Master Teachers who have already built thriving conscious brands and want to show YOU how to do the same.


Conscious entrepreneurs care deeply about our work… and… we can take it all too seriously. Shift/Co helps you balance fun with financial success, business purpose with lifelong profits, and generosity with goals. That’s because we’re committed to doing GOOD business in better ways.  

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