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How Can We Do Good Business in BETTER Ways?

The majority of conscious entrepreneurs started our business to make a difference. Maybe we thought a business created to “do good” would be easier to grow than a traditional start-up.

Yet, it often feels like the reverse is true. It’s downright hard.

We have to balance purpose and profits and service versus selling, and even though we built it to make a difference, we still have to find a way to grow it – to make a bigger impact.

If you’ve struggled to grow your purposeful business… you’re not alone. We now have hundreds of Shift/Co members in almost a dozen different countries, and they experienced the same challenges.

That’s why we created Shift/Co. To do good business in BETTER ways.

After only 2 years, 79% of our Members have doubled (many have tripled) their revenue and impact.

We’ve identified a simple formula for conscious business success:

Purpose + Value = Impact

  • Purpose: Is WHY you want to make an impact. It’s the thing that powers YOU.
  • Value: Is what you provide to your customers – in a way that solves their problems. This is often the missing ingredient for most conscious entrepreneurs. Value isn’t about why you’re better – it’s about what your customers need.
  • Impact: This is the difference you make WHEN you grow your purposeful business.

This simple formula requires conscious entrepreneurs to learn new skills. Often, traditional business training doesn’t work for us because it’s inauthentic. When you’re talking about a business that makes an impact, you can’t “get” someone to buy through a click funnel or lead magnet.

We’ve found that there are 4 critical ingredients:

  • Learn how to FIND the right clients who value what you do. The part that most entrepreneurs don’t understand is that we have to go TO them. They won’t automatically come to us.
  • Learn how to differentiate your business in a way that speaks to your ideal client. This is where we speak about their problems, NOT what we do. Value-based differentiation is a critical element of a successful conscious business.
  • Develop ways to maximize your value to keep the clients who value you the most.
  • Learn how to focus on your own well-BEING because the truth about conscious business is that our business grows as we evolve.

Shift/Co has helped HUNDREDS of conscious entrepreneurs achieve these four things, and more than 79% of our Members (as of July 30) have DOUBLED their revenue and significantly increased their impact. Check out our 2022 Impact Report.

If you’re ready to do increase your impact, join us for a free event, or schedule a free demo.

When you’re ready to do good business in better ways, Shift/Co will ensure you elevate your impact and dramatically increase business success.

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