Four Reasons Traditional Business Growth Training Doesn’t Work for Conscious Entrepreneurs

So, you have a business you’ve poured your heart and soul into. Yet, it’s not reaching its potential. You’ve tried business coaching, sales training, and numerous other courses to make progress, but you don’t see results.

There’s a good chance it’s not working because you are a conscious entrepreneur. Our businesses are different, so how we grow and scale our companies must be too. 

Let’s explore why that is.  

What Is a Conscious Entrepreneur?

Most people associate conscious business with altruistic brands like TOMS shoesPatagonia, and Whole Foods. We assume that for a company to be considered conscious, it would be obvious, like a non-profit, or be outwardly mission-driven.

But that’s not the case. 

In its simplest form, a conscious entrepreneur is someone who wants to do good and make money with their business. They want to serve their target market and have a positive impact, and in doing so, earn a profit.

Conscious Entrepreneur vs. Traditional Entrepreneur graphic

If that resonates with you, chances are you are a conscious entrepreneur, which means traditional marketing and sales tactics won’t work. 

Why Traditional Business Growth Training Doesn’t Work for Us

 Don’t feel bad if you’ve tried to master entrepreneurship through traditional business growth training avenues, only to struggle with results. 

There are multiple reasons it doesn’t work for us:

  1. Authenticity: Conscious business is authentic, so the marketing must also be authentic. Click funnels, sales pages, and lead magnets won’t convert to sales; worse, they won’t attract the buyer you want.
  2. Intention: Most business growth marketing techniques aim to ” get someone to buy.” That doesn’t work for conscious entrepreneurs. We must serve potential customers until THEY are ready to buy. 
  3. Focus: Most business growth experts focus on growth rather than impact. As conscious entrepreneurs, we want our business to grow to increase our impact. But we still have bills to pay, so we need to learn how to price based on value and succeed to generate impact. 
  4. Inner Game: Our business grows as WE evolve, so it’s not what we need to learn about business but the work we need on the inside. Things like mindset, energy, focus, or even storytelling. That’s why we include so many programs on what we call “Personal Fuel.” 

Why Shift/Co Works

Conscious business isn’t more complex than a traditional business; it’s just different, and there aren’t enough role models and conscious business coaches to show us the way. We’ve been taught to think it should be purpose or profit, but not both.

This is why Shift/Co exists today. We are on a mission to teach conscious entrepreneurs how to make a difference and make money. 

The Shift/Co business growth platform has helped hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs grow and scale. More than 77% of members (as of June 30, 2022) have doubled their revenue and significantly increased their impact.

If you’re ready to leave the traditional business training behind and grow your conscious business, join us for a free event or schedule a free demo.

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