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What Has Shifted You?

At the beginning of every coaching session, I ask my clients, “What has shifted for you?” Friend and mentor Kelly Marshall recently asked me the same thing, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t asked myself this question lately. Her prompt is the impetus for this post, and my work with Terri Maxwell and Shift/Co, Public Benefit Corporation, is the impetus for my clarity. 
Shift #1: 
I’ve begun seeing what I do at a higher level and that coaching, mentoring, speaking, and writing are not “what I do”; they are “how I do it.” 
So what do I do? Well, at the heart of everything I do, I am a Wayfinder. I love helping smart, passionate, life-long learners to lighten their load, connect their passions with their purpose, and unleash their gifts on the world while living joyful, balanced lives. In short, I help them to make a difference with their gifts. 
Shift #2: 
I’ve also recently dived deeper into my why and discovered a vision and a mission that has nothing to do with business or money or lifestyle. I’ve discovered that the good I can do in the world is through the message that encompasses my vision and mission. 
Here’s my vision: If each of us is aligned with our purpose, freely sharing our gifts, and are free from obstacles, it will elevate human consciousness, reduce suffering, increase harmony, improve our effectiveness as a species, and heal our planet. Each of us would leave a beautiful legacy that continues this expansion for all generations to come. It’s a lofty vision, but aren’t all-important visions? 
Shift #3: 
As a Projector (my Human Design), I must wait for the invitation. I’ve discovered that when I share the message that’s been entrusted to me by the Universe, I send out a beacon and leave breadcrumbs so those who feel a bigness inside of them can find their way back to me. Then I wait for them to invite me in. 
So, here’s my message (and it’s getting clearer every day): 
YOU are the One You’ve Been Waiting For – Lighten your load and liberate yourself to discover your unique gifts.
YOU have Important Gifts to Give to the World – Expanding consciously is the path to getting them out there.
The Ripple Starts with YOU – You didn’t come this far to get only this far. It’s time to make a difference. 
I know that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be in my journey and that the prompt, “What has shifted for you?” is a gateway to clarity. I’d love to hear what has shifted for YOU, either as a result of what I’ve shared or because of where you find yourself stalling or being stuck longer than you’d like. 
When you take 10 minutes to write down and reply to this post with what has shifted, I promise you’ll gain clarity, direction, and momentum and set some pretty amazing magic in motion. 

Author & Shift/Co Member Linda Bucher is a Wayfinder. Linda believes that each of us has gifts to share with the world and that YOU are here to make a difference. Her gift is lighting the way for those who are excited about giving their gifts to the world. Her expertise lies in synthesizing her experience, skills and talents to coach, lead, mentor and teach those who are excited about sharing their gifts and making a difference.

As an authentic, heart-centered master coach, mindset mentor, transformational speaker, show host, author, and MBA, Linda loves helping smart, multi-passionate people to discover their path, balance their lives, and align their energy and gifts so they can make their mark on the world. She guides them through her Your Gifts Matter framework to help them to know their worth, align their gifts with their purpose, own their power,  and make a difference. 

Linda is always looking for people to love, opportunities to serve, and potential partnerships to engage in.
Linda Bucher
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