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How to Find a Business Mentor

Running a business is no simple feat. It requires a great deal of fortitude and resiliency, but when those traits falter, a business mentor is an excellent resource for advice, encouragement, collaboration, and introductions.

However, finding a business mentor isn’t always easy. We’ll explain what you should look for and how to find the right business mentor.

What to Look for in a Business Mentor

While you may initially think you should find a mentor with more experience in a relevant industry, that’s not necessarily the case. When looking for a business mentor, you should seek someone honest, passionate about business, an active listener, a lifelong learner, and not afraid to challenge you.

While these qualities can be found in someone with decades more experience, they can also be found in entrepreneurs with comparable or even less experience than you have. The key is finding someone trustworthy who can provide guidance and support when needed.

Where to Find a Business Mentor

Now you know what you’re looking for in a business mentor, but how do you find them? We recommend looking at these places:

  • Your Network – Who do you already know and trust? Would any of them be someone you can collaborate with?
  • Networking Events – Search for networking events, whether they’re local, industry-specific, alumni-oriented, or interest-based.
  • Mentor Matchmaking Sites – Online mentor matchmakers, such as MicroMentor, can connect mentors and mentees.
  • Business Development Centers – Your local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Development Center is a great place to connect and reach local professionals who could be potential mentors.
  • Shift/Co – We provide each member with a mentor, a business coach, a community of entrepreneurs, and access to live and online training.

Mentoring at Shift/Co

Shift/Co’s Mentors are entrepreneurs, just like you, building their own businesses and using the Shift/Co customized platform to grow to the next level. Our mentors are ready to guide you in doubling or tripling your income so that you can make a more significant impact.

Your Mentor will help you determine where to start and what to focus on and direct you to the best way to get there.

Being a Shift/Co Member

Shift/Co is a business growth community created by conscious entrepreneurs for conscious entrepreneurs.

We aim to ensure members grow thriving brands, and we’re always looking for ways to help you reach your goals. We provide:

  • Custom business growth tools.
  • Expert coaching.
  • Mentoring to support you in building a thriving, purposeful business.

Become a member to get your business mentor and scale your company.  

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