Why is Building a Business So Hard

One of the most common questions entrepreneurs ask is, “Why is building a business SO hard?”

If you’ve ever thought those words to yourself or said them out loud, it was likely during a time when things weren’t working the way you expected, potentially even to the point of what felt like a failure.

Building a business of any type is hard, and rarely will things work the way you planned. It’s not you. All entrepreneurs experience this.

The truth is… building a business IS hard. Period. 

The real question is not “Why is it so hard,” but rather, “How can it be easier?”

The answer is FOCUS. 

What to focus on depends on what business stage you’re in. 

To grow a business that more than replaces your income and also generates retirement income, there are only three things to focus on to be successful:

  1. Fit: Does the business fit you, as in your natural personality or what we call Business Persona, as well as your passion and goals? Fit makes the business enjoyable and meaningful.
  2. Differentiation: Is the business different in a way that matters to your target market? What problem do you solve, and how do you solve it?
  3. Demand: How do you generate demand for your business? Can you demonstrate value?

Just three things to focus on, and if you master these three things, you’ll find that the business scales more easily and with less effort.

We’ve proven that. More than 81% of the Members who have joined Shift/Co have more than doubled their revenue in 1-2 years.

Yet there is one more thing to focus on, and that is training your mind to focus on what IS working rather than what IS NOT working. Too often, we spend most of our time focusing on what’s wrong, which wears us down. 

Although it’s important to identify the root cause of business challenges, that should only take a short amount of time. However, too often, we maintain focus on our challenges and then end up feeling like a failure.

Take some time to identify the root cause and ask for help if you need it. AND spend more time each day focusing on what IS working in your business and celebrate that.

If you want ideas on how to grow, join us for any of our events, check out our free training, or schedule a demo to learn more about why our methods are so effective.

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