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Conscious Entrepreneurship: Finding Community in Solitude or Loneliness

Entrepreneurship is often portrayed as a glamorous journey filled with innovation, success, and financial freedom. However, behind this facade lies an often, unspoken reality—the loneliness and isolation that many entrepreneurs experience along the way.

In particular, conscious entrepreneurs, are driven by a profound sense of purpose that goes beyond profit and often find themselves navigating a unique journey in the world of business. These individuals are committed to creating ventures that not only yield financial success but also contribute positively to society and the environment. Their ventures are guided by principles of social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical practices. However, this noble path can sometimes lead to a heightened sense of loneliness compared to their more profit-focused counterparts.
The intense loneliness conscious entrepreneurs can experience stems from the very nature of their purpose-driven mission. Their commitment to a larger cause can set them apart from the mainstream business world, making it challenging to find like-minded peers who share their values and aspirations. This sense of isolation is further exacerbated by the inherent challenges of carving out a unique niche within the market, which may lack a well-established network of support and resources. Additionally, conscious entrepreneurs often face skepticism and resistance from traditional business circles that prioritize short-term gains over long-term societal impact.

Solutions to conscious-entrepreneurship loneliness

While the journey of a conscious entrepreneur can be emotionally demanding, it’s important to recognize that this heightened loneliness is not insurmountable. Many conscious entrepreneurs find solace in connecting with purpose-aligned communities, both online and offline, where they can share experiences, insights, and strategies. Building relationships with mentors, advisors, and investors who understand and appreciate their mission can also alleviate some of the isolation. Lastly, a conscious business is most likely to fulfill a personal mission, passion, or purpose. Conscious entrepreneurs find that their business evolves as they evolve. Therefore, personal growth and business growth are inextricably linked. Creating healthy boundaries between business and personal life can look very different than if your business wasn’t so personal. A like-minded community will foster and support this development.

As the movement towards conscious business continues to gain momentum, it is likely that support structures will strengthen, making the path less lonely and more rewarding for those committed to making a meaningful difference in the world through their entrepreneurial endeavors. By building supportive networks, seeking mentorship, and prioritizing mental health, entrepreneurs can navigate the journey with resilience, finding solace in the knowledge that they are not alone in their struggles. Together, we can create a more empathetic and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that can create ripples globally.

Shift/Co community is an example of a support structure that thrives on helping conscious entrepreneurs not only with their unique business ventures but with their personal well-being and positive outlook. It is one thing to be a part of a general business coaching community but a whole different vibe when it’s a community specializing in conscious entrepreneurship. This is where the rubber meets the road! Shift/Co lays out a customized plan for each entrepreneur to ensure their business can progress in a realistic and orderly fashion. Such a plan embraces a holistic method that includes 3 pillars; one for business growth, another for personal growth and the third for leadership growth. This ensures the entrepreneur continues along their journey strengthening all 3 areas, keeping the foundation of a ‘conscious entrepreneur’ in balance.  

Join the Shift/Co business community today and discover a supportive network of conscious entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and thrive with. Unleash your entrepreneurial potential and access valuable resources to propel your business AND mindset forward. Read more about member benefits.

I joined Shift/Co in August of 2022 because I needed help jump-starting my business and didn’t have any idea where to begin. I knew what I was doing wasn’t working. Shift/Co has given me the tools and techniques to grow my business into something I am proud of. Being part of the Shift/Community has given me support through mentoring, coaching, and accountability partners. I am now working with professionals who have given me the foundation I need so I can utilize my gifts and my business can make a difference in this world.” – Lisa Hancock
Tales of Entrepreneurship often disclose the endless long days, nights, and lack of supportive camaraderie as being a truly difficult part of the journey. When this is coupled or compounded with the mixed and confusing messages encountered by a conscious entrepreneur, you can feel well… crazy. Building businesses where your importance is placed on the planet, people then profits are still unacceptable. Why do I say that? Not only are experiential-conscious business courses rare, but those who facilitate this transformative curriculum are even rarer. Then there was Shift/Co. An organization that delivers on its vision, mission, and promises. Shift/Co’s support comes from the purpose-aligned communities, coaches, courses, and mentors, inspiring our personal, business, and leadership development. Conscious entrepreneurship gains momentum, lessening isolation and enhancing positive change. When you build a better human being the business can’t help but blossom!” – Meshell R Baker | Chief Confidence Igniter
I am so thrilled to be a part of this heart-centered community. I have met the most extraordinary people on my journey through ShiftCo! It’s like finding my tribe – my people; kindred souls who will remain in my sphere of influence for the remainder of my life. For this, I am so grateful! From mentors to coaches, on demand learning, plus live group coaching, ShiftCo has something for everyone. Whether you are just kicking off your business or are ready to scale to the next level, ShiftCo is THE platform to support your growth.” Dena DeLuco
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