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Challenges Spiritual Entrepreneurs Face Scaling Their Conscious Business

Are you a spiritual facilitator, coach, or teacher that cringes at the idea of doing sales & marketing tasks for your business? Do you wish that you could spend most of your time on your healing & teaching expertise rather than selling, crunching numbers, or creating marketing funnels? Is the overwhelm of doing everything on your own affecting your ability to conduct your genius?

Understandably, spiritual practitioners & facilitators are more at ease with tasks that are prominent in the unseen quantum realm. In fact, much of the information is processed primarily within alternate and meditative states. To sustain that way of being is optimal for retrieving galactic knowledge that spiritual individuals extract. However, that state of being also requires almost a complete elimination of the rational, logical mind. It can be difficult for spiritual entrepreneurs to have a perfect balance between the right & left brain for creating their business content AND strategically growing their business. Switching gears regularly throughout the day can seem daunting and may, in fact, feel unproductive.

Stepping Into Spiritual Leadership

One way to address this hurdle is to do all creative, meditative, or healing tasks for the day before switching to the rational mind of marketing tasks to decrease switching gears too often. Another solution is to outsource the tasks that require most of the rational strategizing so the bulk of the day’s time is spent on tasks that only a spiritual leader can do. For e.g., hire someone to do your bookkeeping, tech, marketing copy, project manager, etc. This way, the spiritual entrepreneur can maximize both worlds of the spiritual and business realms.

Additionally, some spiritual leaders may have the belief that marketing for profit is not in alignment with their principles. Such beliefs can include not wanting to prioritize power, control, and money, or whoever is meant to work with me will find my services. Unfortunately, there is no overnight fix for these beliefs. But do know, spiritual entrepreneurs have a gift that has a right to be known by others; that gift is needed right now to help people make the upcoming transition.

It’s Time for Conscious Businesses to Become Mainstream

It is also important to realize that the more awareness there is of the business, the chances of attracting the right people will significantly increase. Let’s be honest, the more business a spiritual entrepreneur has, the more people they can help transform. The more they can scale their spiritual business, the more they can reach the masses. Isn’t that the ideal outcome? To have masses go through their self-discovery journey? That would most definitely tip the scales so our world can heal by the masses!

That’s not to say swinging to the other side of the pendulum and becoming overly salesy and prioritizing profit over value is of integrity. There has to be a balance.

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