how to grow your business in the new year

Steps to Grow Your Business in the New Year

Are you ready to make 2023 the best year yet for your business? Don’t hesitate! There are a few actions you can take now to grow your business in the new year. 

Conduct a “Retrospective” of the Year 

While it feels natural to look to the future as we arrive at a new year, reviewing how the year went is also important. We like to call this “stepping back to move forward.” 

Think back on the previous year and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What worked/was good about this year?
  2. What didn’t work the way you wanted? 
  3. What was the “root cause” of some things that didn’t work?
  4. What can you do differently in 2023?

The answers to these questions should shape your new priorities.

Focus on Priorities vs. Planning 

“The best-laid plans of mice and men go awry.”

Robert Burns

Work is getting done, and clients’ needs are getting met, but you’re so focused on working in the business you’re unable to work on the business. You’re in motion but not moving toward your goals, and those brilliant plans you made are sitting untouched. Sound familiar?

As an entrepreneur, it’s inevitable things won’t always go as planned, which is why we recommend focusing on priorities for the year rather than planning for the year. 

What are your goals for 2023? What needs to be accomplished for them to happen?

When we focus on “doing,” we forget to take a step back and check our progress. Schedule regular checkpoints to ensure you’re working on your priorities and towards your goals. The objective is to direct your business rather than react to it. 

Set Qualitative and Quantitative Goals

Speaking of goals, it’s important to have both quantitative and qualitative goals. It’s easy to get hyper-focused on revenue and profit, which are essential, but the qualitative goals ensure you enjoy your work and have the impact you want. 

Some examples of qualitative goals for conscious entrepreneurs are:

  • Expand your offerings to have a bigger impact.
  • Replace clients that don’t fit or don’t align with your mission.
  • Improve company culture.
  • Start working more on what you enjoy.

Let’s Grow Together

Shift/Co was created for conscious entrepreneurs by conscious entrepreneurs. We know how challenging it is to grow your business, and we want to help. If you want a community to collaborate and learn with in the new year, Shift/Co is the place for you. Learn more about Shift/Co and how we can help elevate your business in 2023. 

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